About Move For Change and the Brooklyn Culture Jammers

Move For Change is a group founded by Actress/Dancer/teacher Kathleen Stansell. Its mission is to use dance and other movement-related performance art as a venue for social change. You can read more about Kathleen in her Occupy The Empire biography.

Dan Kinch is a playwright, producer, actor and public nuisance. He has spent much of the last two decades writing about protesters and people who oppose the status quo.  You can read more about Dan in his Occupy the Empire biography.

Brooklyn Culture Jammers is the name of the loose association that Dan Kinch and Kathleen came up with in order to create and promulgate theater, dance, music and spoken word pieces as part of promoting the Occupy Wall Street movement. ‘Culture Jammers’ is taken directly from the group Adbusters, and relates to the use of graphic and performance art already in the landscape and changing its relevance. This concept owes much of its philosophy to the influential book WAYS OF SEEING by John Berger.

We are interested in touring the many pieces we’ve created to audiences that are curious about the Occupy movement. We wish to open up a dialogue about the current state of affairs in this country and the world at large. And we feel that although we do not agree with everyone who is demanding change,  it should be clear to most of the 99% of us on the bottom that the status quo cannot be defended.



  1. […] actor who writes and produces his own performances; and performances by others. He is co-founder of Brooklyn Culture Jammers with Kathleen Stansell, both of whom performed at April’s Peace Fair at Brooklyn College. […]

  2. Because we both read Jem Bendell and because Brooklyn College also helped when i was young and because you write about Climate Collapse https://deenametzger.wordpress.com/2019/01/05/extinction-illness-grave-affliction-and-possibility-featured-essay-on-tikkun-by-deena-metzger/
    Extinction Illness: Grave Affliction or Possibility. deenametzger.net

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