Monthly Archives: June 2012

Big Weekend for the Empire Play

So… it looks like I’m performing my play HOW TO STOP THE EMPIRE WHILE KEEPING YOUR DAY JOB at least three times in the coming weekend. Once will be on radio this Thursday, through Sex and Politics on WBCR. Phil Rosenberg and I will also be talking about my other work, including my play about […]

The UN decides that the US is violating the human rights of Occupy

This was just put up by Huffington Post–several officials at the UN had condemned the US and complained to the State Department that the violent treatment of Occupy protesters was a violation of their human rights. The US had not responded to the letter in December, so the UN is publishing it now. You can […]

A Beleaguered Father’s day to all

It ain’t so easy being a dad in the empire in this new century. Wages have been on the decline for some 40 years, assumptions about what is called for and what is beyond the pale are different, and the idea that anyone who wants a job can find one is pretty far shot. When […]

How to fight the revolution…

Just posted the video of my performance on March 18 as part of the Occupy the Empty Space event at Judson Memorial Church in Greenwich Village. The play, How to stop the Empire while keeping your Day Job, has had some 9,000 views on Youtube as I write this. I’ve performed it ten times since […]

How to Stop the Empire while Keeping your Day Job

This is a shortened version of the play. Posting about it today.

Welcome to the Empire

This is a blog about a cultural response to living in the US empire. Last Fall, I threw in my lot with artists and performers who’d formed a small group in Brooklyn in support of Occupy Wall Street. Our group got named the Brooklyn Culture Jammers, and because there was a pre-existing group called Move […]