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Bon Voyage, Mike Bloomberg

Unless something goes terribly wrong in the next 48 hours, tonight Michael Bloomberg will go to sleep as the FORMER mayor of America’s largest city. He leaves behind a municipality that is going through its worst homelessness crisis in decades, with upwards of 22,000 children among the transients camped out at SRO’s and shelters. This […]

Hurry up with 2014 already!

We are now in the armpit of the year that is the six days betwixt Xmas and New Year’s Day. I can’t do a Year in Review on a totally pessimistic note. I had several performance gigs.  I bid adieu to Richmond, Virginia after getting rid of my parent’s lifetime’s accumulation of check stubs. On the […]

Christmas in the trenches–John McCutcheon

Originally posted on The Brooklyn Culture Jam:
This is a song (written by John McCutcheon) that’s been around since 1989, and you pretty much have to be a pacifist to have heard it. On Christmas Eve 1914, British and German soldiers crossed the trenches into No Man’s Land and had a truce for several hours.…

Everything’s up to date in Kansas City Court

  This happened earlier this week, and in a glum year for protest, it’s relatively good news. Some people I’ve written about out in Kansas City were arrested and facing serious charges for trespass and other alleged crimes after they protested in front of a nuclear weapons facility being built in town. The protest occurred last […]

Slouching toward veganism

Full disclosure: As I type this, there’s a pound of Virginia farm bacon atop my refrigerator (fully cured, needs no refrigeration).  There’s chicken in my freezer (it was dead first). Eggs sit uncracked in the fridge, next to the cheese and the turkey sausages made with sun-dried tomatoes. The other night I ate at a […]

Clowning at MoRUS this Friday night!!!!

I’m doing the shortest version imaginable of my play A CLOWN, A HAMMER, A BOMB, AND GOD this coming FRIDAY at the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space (MoRUS). Address is 155 Avenue C. Time is 7, I go on first. Here’s a press release–it’s MoRUS’ first birthday!!!! be generous. Drop by!

The jobless future–a worthwhile podcast

I stumbled across this podcast by accident–it’s geared as a story about Millennials and the resentment and hatred they engender. And it’s on a comedy website ( where the commentators (Executive Editor Jason Pargin (aka David Wong) and Cracked Editor-in-Chief Jack O’Brien)  are paid funnymen. That said, it’s a surprisingly mature discussion. It echoes a meme […]