Christmas in the trenches–John McCutcheon

my Christmas card to friends and family.

The Brooklyn Culture Jam

This is a song (written by John McCutcheon) that’s been around since 1989, and you pretty much have to be a pacifist to have heard it. On Christmas Eve 1914, British and German soldiers crossed the trenches into No Man’s Land and had a truce for several hours. They even had a soccer game. Soldiers exchanged cigarettes and chocolates, and took each other’s addresses and promised to write once the war was over. It is clear from the notes and transcripts from the high commands of the various armies that this event struck blind white fear into the hearts of the generals (and the politicians they worked for).  The last of the veterans of the Christmas truce died a few years ago, but the story lives on through this song.

It’s been a tough year–I’ve had some surprises and successes, but also some setbacks, and there will be empty chairs…

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