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HOW TO STOP THE EMPIRE at Kraine Theater!

I’m doing an updated version of HOW TO STOP THE EMPIRE WHILE KEEPING YOUR DAY JOB at the Kraine Theater TONIGHT, 8 PM. Kraine is located at 85 E 4 Street, New York New York. This is the Trump edition of the play.  HOW TO STOP THE EMPIRE WHILE KEEPING YOUR DAY JOB is the […]

The NFL Protest weekend from Hell

I need to take a break from the Book of Face. The cause of my abstention is the whole NFL/Taking a knee for Colin controversy. Lost in all the back-and-forth I’m reading about the appropriateness (or lack thereof) in the protests taking place around the league was that Kaepernick started taking a knee because of […]

America is Regressing into a Developing Nation for Most People

Another voice about the reality of our current economy. For what it’s worth, people like Paul Craig Roberts were predicting over a decade ago that we were headed for third-world status if we didn’t address off-shoring and the death of middle-class employment. A nation of Walmart Greeters and hospital orderlies cannot pay for the huge […]

Help stop the lies (a Gofundme project)

I have been a reader of Guy McPherson’s work for four years now, and I’m one of many people who’ve been appalled by the vilification he’s received over the years. The latest attacks, which I alluded to in my recent blog, are from a variety of individuals. Some involve his personal life, but he was […]

Tried to warn you, Tampa

The week of superstorms, culminating in the weekend of anxiety. First there was Hurricane Harvey, bearing down on Houston, Texas like God Almighty was in a smiting mood. Then there was Hurricane Irma, clobbering Cuba and the Virgin Islands and then heading up Florida like a titanoboa ready to wrap around Florida’s peninsula and crush […]

Guy McPherson packs it in(sort of)

If you’ve followed this blog space for any length of time, you know that I’ve been greatly influenced by the work of Dr. Guy McPherson. He has been postulating that we’d passed a point of no return on climate some time ago and that (at the end) only love remains. Anyway, this video found itself […]

The ‘Planet Hospice’ Yeast-Sex Tour

I wanted people to know that if they missed my play PLANET HOSPICE (a theatrical romp through human extinction) at United Solo and the Ithaca Fringe and the Tampa Fringe (and most recently at the Tremors Art Show at the Point Green Gallery), there’s always an opportunity to see it. I’ll explain below. It’s a clown play/comedy […]