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Justice for Aaron Swartz

If you don’t know about the case of Aaron Swartz, you should. A country that cannot prosecute for torture or war crimes drove a young man to suicide for the high crime of republishing information already freely available. Keep Aaron in mind when you ponder how the FBI was distracted enough to drop the ball […]

Not to scare anybody…

I am really, really not in the market for new conspiracy theories. Honest. I’m not going out of my way to read meanings into things. I don’t pay much attention to Alex Jones or his lefty counterparts. I love the work of Amy Goodman (and give her credence on all her reporting), but I’ve stopped […]

The errant Boeing landing gear

Okay, was settling down for the weekend with a really good Margarita and checking my e-mail and the usual places, when suddenly the news comes out about a big piece of the landing gear from one of the 9/11 planes being found in a tiny wall gap between the backs of buildings at Park Place […]

The Senate fixes the part of the Sequester it cares about

Per Huffington Post: In a quick and unanticipated session on Thursday night, the U.S. Senate approved a resolution that would allow the Federal Aviation Administration budget flexibility to stop furloughing air traffic controllers. The measure, approved by unanimous consent, came just days after forced unpaid leaves for controllers began, delaying thousands of flights… Translation: The […]

Don’t know much about a Cornucopia of Conspiracy Theories

In my play HOW TO STOP THE EMPIRE WHILE KEEPING YOUR DAY JOB, the character known as Jerry takes on the issue of the people who deride him as a conspiracy theorist–and those who use the phrase ‘conspiracy theorist’ as a pejorative term: “People call me a conspiracy theorist for saying that Obama signed the […]

Obama ducks a drone hearing!

(a video from the Bureau For Investigative Journalism’s ‘Naming the Dead‘ project ) Thanks to the Huffington Post, we’ve learned that officials from the Obama Administration decided to skip Tuesday’s Senate hearing on the Drone Strike program and targeted killing. “I am disappointed that the administration declined to provide witnesses to testify at today’s hearings,” Senate Majority […]

Why we have no recovery

I’ve been taking a tip-toe through Craigslist for the past few days, and (as usual) I’ve found some interesting positions. It is amazing how many prospective employers want folks to work for free at tasks that used to be, well, you know, JOBS. Jobs that paid, even if they didn’t pay much. So that was […]

The suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing–interesting link

WARNING–CONSPIRACY THEORIES AHEAD When I’m at WBCR, I seem to be the go-to source for many of my colleagues who want to know arcane things about history. My problem is that I read a lot of alternate press pretty voraciously, and every once in awhile, I recall some obscure detail I’ve read a decade or […]

A great show on Sex and Politics!

We had a helluva time tonight on Sex and Politics–hope you were listening, but if you weren’t, here are the highlights! We spoke to Rachel Schragis of People’s Puppets of Occupy Wall Street. Lots of big events planned for May first, and a history of the colorful giant puppets you see at demonstrations. Their work […]

Monday Was War Tax Day!

Monday is War Tax Day! Well, the date has passed, but it’s useful to remind people of how the money they sent (or didn’t send) to the IRS on April 15 is used. Many people already know this. It actually applies to the current discussion about ‘chained CPI’, since the trust fund budget is balanced–it’s […]