Monthly Archives: September 2021

We close out of Vancouver Fringe

And as of September 19, we closed out of our digital run on the Vancouver Fringe Festival. I’d be less than honest if I stated that I was happy with things. I didn’t get much of an audience. I certainly tried harder than I have in previous Fringe fest Outings. Ads for my play ran […]

Being A Doomer–great article

Came across this article about being a Doomer. People have been deriding scientists (and their followers) who saw worst-case as ‘Doomers’ for well over a decade. But Dr. Eliot Jacobson sees it a bit differently. In his blog, he shares it this way: Let’s start with the obvious.  The word “doomer” is a word with […]


My play about climate change and the threat of human extinction PLANET PHUCKETT!! is opening at the Vancouver Fringe tomorrow, September 9. The festival runs throughout the week until the 15th, and because my play is ON VIDEO, it can be viewed whenever you want. Just go to the Fringe Ticket Center, and choose my […]

The Real purpose of the IPCC Revealed

The real purpose of the IPCC (envisioned by Reagan’s administration) was to downplay the threat of extinction posed by the rising temperatures of Global Warming. Thanks and a hat’s off to Kevin Hester, activist and public voice on such mendacity. I’d rather you read Kevin’s take on things than watch my attempt to filter or […]

Planet Phuckett!! at the Vancouver Fringe!

This all came out of nowhere. Two months ago I was minding my own business when a theater company I work with announced that the Vancouver Fringe was looking for fringe-y plays on video. My suspicion is that, while they’d filled all the openings for live events, they were nervous about COVID closing the border […]