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We’re spying on Europe (and they are p*ssed)

So today’s news is the gift that keeps on giving from the Edward Snowden case. It has been revealed that the US had turned on the NSA’s surveillance prowess against the lovely people of Germany, a country whose citizenry has a well-founded fear of government snooping. When even former Stasi officials are pronouncing themselves both […]

July 4: Independence FROM America Day Demo at Menwith Hill – UK Indymedia

Originally posted on Karl Dallas Day:
Join the annual Independence FROM America demonstration at NSA Menwith Hill, N. Yorkshire organised by the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB). Speakers to include Salma Yaqoob, Andy Worthington, Martin Wainwright, Mizan the Poet. Food provided by the 1 in 12 cafe. 4th July Special Event Time: 5pm…

HOLY FRACK! An LNG port off Jones Beach?? (updated)

THE PODCAST HAS BEEN PUT UP ON THE SEX AND POLITICS SITE. CLICK HERE. Last night on Sex and Politics, I spoke to two different people about Fracking, natural gas, and the protests around it. First up was Sean Dixon from Clean Ocean Action, which has been in the fight over fracking owing to the […]

Kensington Studios Now Open!

Originally posted on thinkings:
Great news is coming down the pike!  Kensington Studios is officially open with our first two mini-productions having taken place over the past week.  The dubious distinction of having been our very first work goes to Mike Amato! He needed a recording for the intro to his burlesque show (which by…

Sex and politics–featuring Sue Crabtree!

So I had a great show the other night on Sex and Politics–if you didn’t catch it, it’s on our podbean website. The show started out with a report from Louis Fishman, on the ground in Turkey. My colleague Joe Wade spoke to Poet Lamont Steptoe, and musician Dan Gallo. Later in the hour, I […]

Thirteen years for using chalk on a sidewalk

Gobsmacked on this one.  A guy out in San Diego named Jeff Olson has been an activist against Bank of America. By ‘Activist’ I mean he’s been writing nasty things in chalk on the sidewalks outside of B of A branches in Mid City, which I assume is part of San Diego. He’s been busted […]

Down the conspiracy rabbit-hole with Snowden (Update)

So… the continuing story of Edward Snowden’s flight from prosecution is on everybody’s front page today. Did he leave Russia? Is Cuba his final destination, or will he head to Ecuador? Is Iceland really trying to negotiate a response to the US should their Pirate Party friends decide Snowden deserves sanctuary? In other words, the […]

POSTPONED->Julian Assange will make a speech this Saturday from the Ecuadorian Embassy – c’mon over!

Julian Assange speech marking the one-year anniversary of his sanctuary in the Ecuadoran Embassy–postponed due to security concerns for Assange. WISE Up Action – A Solidarity Network for Manning and Assange You can now find the text of the postponed speech here. ALSO: TWEETED REPORTS & PHOTOS FROM THE EMBASSY Although the speech was postponed, there […]

The Snowden Sh*tstorm

The politics surrounding the Edward Snowden case continue to get, well, weird. Last night, Christopher Hayes admitted that he found himself on the same side of the Snowden issue as Texas Congressman (and one-man punchline) Louie Gohmert. Gohmert also found himself in a strange place–he was on the side of the ACLU at a news […]