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EROEI and the Collapse of Empires

Originally posted on Collapse of Industrial Civilization:
The above video is a discussion with Dr. Charles Hall of the Dept. of the SUNY-Environmental and Forest Biology. He is the primary creator behind the concept of EROEI in the field of biophysical economics. He also cowrote the new book “Energy and the Wealth of Nations“. I just heard…

11,000 Wikileaks documents related to Fukushima

Originally posted on Fukushima 311 Watchdogs:
? 4131 files on Fukushima 2011 4062 files on  reactor 2011 2470 files on meltdown 2011 262 files on cesium 2011 282 files on  iodine 2011 344 files on Uss Ronald Reagan ?

NTHE and leftists–Real Progressives webcast

I’m scheduled to speak to Steve Grumbine on the webcast ‘Real Progressives’. Time is next Friday at 8 PM. It’s cast on FaceBook, and I’ll post a link to it afterwards. Steve is an activist and organizer and was one of the organizers of the event last year in DC for The March to Restore […]

Survivable IPCC projections based on science fiction.

Originally posted on Kevin Hester:
“In the latest ‘Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 5th Assessment Report’ (IPCC AR5), there have been published a selection of ‘Representative Concentration Pathways’ (RCP’s). Dr Matt Watson, from the school of earth Sciences at the University of Bristol (UK), made this point strongly at a recent meeting at the Royal…

Baseline Temperature dishonesty at the Edge of Extinction

Originally posted on Kevin Hester:
As we get closer to the collapse of the biosphere, I have been noticing a huge distortion, if not outright lying, in the use of baseline figures for the planetary temperature increase that humans have caused with our crack like and sadly terminal addiction to carbon. “The Industrial Revolution, which…

My poster for Planet Hospice

I need to add a special thanks to the late Edvard Munch for letting the copyright expire on his most famous painting. Come see me in Tampa!!!


 * Assuming you live in Tampa and live near the theater I’m performing in A week from tonight I will be in beautiful Tampa Florida at the Tampa International Fringe Festival. The purpose of my visit will be to spread lots of laffs with my play PLANET HOSPICE (a Theatrical Romp through Human Extinction). It’s […]