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Bye Bye Ice. Maybe life too?

Not my original reporting. My friend Harry brought this to my attention. He’s warned me to warn you of the usual Caveats (it might be a misunderstanding from the charter company, it might not really be what I think it is, the fact that the scientific data doesn’t agree with the pictures doesn’t mean the […]

A ‘Citizens Tribunal’ for Donald Trump

There has been some back-and-forth discussion about the COVID crisis over the past half year. I’ve been sharing this COVID fact-nugget about the relative death toll from the Coronavirus pandemic for a couple months. The numbers are correct AFAIK as of the morning of July 18, 2020. The US and South Korea both got their […]

Fascists hiding in our midst

The above picture is not of a garden-variety Neo-Nazi, Klan supporter participant at an anti Black Lives Matter protest. Apparently, this individual (whose name I’ve redacted) giving the Nazi salute and not wearing a COVID 19 mask is the Director of Physician Recruitment at a hospital in Montclair, NJ. Or WAS–the picture made her superiors […]

Is Climate change a hoax?ASK FB

First answer: No, Global warming is real and climate change is real. But you wouldn’t know that if it were up to some of FB’s ‘advisors’. I really can’t tell you a lot more than what this article puts forth. My reasons for posting it are personal. As time has gone by, it’s become harder […]

A COVID Conspiracy Theory that makes sense

The Pandemic so far: The first 160 plus days of the Covid19 Pandemic have been rough (especially for NYers in early going). It isn’t just from the actual bad news. The day-to-day life under shelter-in-place has been unpleasant, especially here in the city. It’s been depressing to note how many people in my part of […]

‘Muricans are STOOPID

I’ve spent over two weeks watching in awe as Americans get in fights over wearing face masks to protect from COVID19 virus infection. You don’t need to concentrate on the math compiled on this site to know that the US is unquestionably the worst when it comes to dealing with the pandemic. As I’ve posted […]

Heading for 10 C increase–from Kevin Hester

This is from my friend Kevin Hester–video and text from climate experts in the EU. Things looking even worse than the people predicting it have been saying. His article begins: “John Doyle is a long time EU staffer stationed in Brussels. Stuart Scott was asked to make a ‘reality-check’ presentation to UN aid agencies with […]

Marking six figures of death in COVID19

I’m following the daily COVID19 casualties totals being tabulated by a number of health groups including the WHO and Johns Hopkins. As of this minute (10 am on May 16), the US has had 1,487,077 cases of COVID19, of which 88,603 people have died. Another 328,000 cases have ‘closed’–the patient got better (though there appear […]

COVID19 shows us why we can’t survive global warming

Greta Thunberg, from FB page. Greta Thunberg, my favorite 17 year old truth teller , is alone among punditry in voicing some obvious truths that apply to both the Corona19 virus and global warming in general. Long story short, she suspects she’s been infected with the coronavirus. She wrote about it here: The last two […]

Crossing the 2 C mark

We should have known this was coming, but we’ve all been rather busy. Several weeks ago, I found this notice on my FB wall, courtesy of Sam Carana. For those of you just joining us, I’ve frequently printed Carana’s projections about the future increases in temperature that would lead to more melting of the Arctic […]