Good news/bad news

I know, but the news is back and forth.

This is from my website . I posted from Sam Carana, a scientist from the ARCTIC METHANE EMERGENCY GROUP. A search of my site will reveal other statements from Carana. You can find the original post here. it felt like bad news.

But new evidence has emerged. This is revelation from the science group known as the NavalPostgraduate College. It was recently added to Dr Guy McPherson’s website NATURE BATS LAST. You might be interested in the joy the good doctor displays at the news. Per the Naval Postgraduate projection, we will not face a loss of Arctic ice this fall. Dr. McPherson explains it far better than I could, but we may have a few more months left. This has everything to do with oscillation between La Nina/el Nino. Were already past 2 C warming.

(PS: a newer article appeared here: we still face warming next year which is explained. The issue of loss of climate amenable to growth of food is no joke. Ive written this badly, so I admit that you should go work from scientists not artists/playwrights.)

the paper you should read is from Dr. McPherson. The tjt,e is that this will NOT BE the ice free Arctic. the reading will reinforce the idea that we have GOOD NEWS–we won’t lose ice from the Arctic this year. Don’t go by me.–NWI-w

Guy says go out and celebrate.

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