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Convicted CIA station chief arrested in Panama

While the US MSM was going all googly-eyed over a new royal, Italy (a NATO ALLY) extradited a CIA Station chief to go to prison for kidnapping an Arab-national from Milan and sending him to face torture in Egypt. Bet the next NATO summit will be kinda… tense. Also, I wonder if the US trained […]

Tangerine Bolen, the NDAA and the Surveillance state

This is a follow-up to my Sex and Politics radio interview with Tangerine Bolen the other night. You’ll be able to hear it at our podcast site over the next few days, but the important part is here. I say this knowing that some of what I put forward here will be dismissed as conspiracy […]

Hirsute campaigners issue Beard Warning over heat wave

Originally posted on Kmflett's Blog:
  Beard Liberation Front   Press release 20th July contact Keith Flett 07803 167266   Hirsute campaigners issue Beard Warning over heat wave   The Beard Liberation Front, the informal network of beard wearers, has issued its first ever Beard Warning with another warm to hot weekend forecast. The…

Tonight on Sex and Politics: Tangerine Bolen

Tonight on Sex and Politics, I’ll be talking to Tangerine Bolen, Executive Director of Revolution Truth, and a plaintiff in the critical case to overturn the military detention provisions of the NDAA.  Yesterday, an appeals court has overturned the injunction granted by Judge Forrest, which prevented enforcement of Section 1021 of the Act. THIS APPLIES […]

A Good Day 2 Pie–video version uploaded

A Good Day 2 Pie now on Video at Youtube!. This is a play about mud, dirt, seeds, pie and Monsanto–the true story of an anarchist ‘pie attack’ on the CEO of Monsanto to protest frankenfood and bio-piracy.  

A Good Day 2 Pie now on Video at Youtube!

Sunday! Kathleen performed at Brooklyn Arts Exchange on Sunday for the camera! We have proof. For those of you who haven’t been following this thread, I have this funny little play called A GOOD DAY 2 PIE. I first wrote it back in the 1990’s when an anarchist from the Biotic Baking Brigade staged a […]

WOW! Kathleen does A GOOD DAY 2 PIE this Sunday!!! FREE!! RSVP

Originally posted on The Brooklyn Culture Jam:
Kathleen Stansell as Vandana, AKA Agent Strawberry, as she takes on the forces of corporate food in “A Good Day 2 Pie” Why: Because Kathleen Stansell is leaving the country for a while Who: YOU! Dear friends and fans of Dan Kinch and Kathleen Where: Brooklyn Arts Exchange, 421 5th Avenue,…

Trayvon Martin Joins my bucket

And so it comes out tonight that George Zimmerman will walk on all charges related to the killing of young Trayvon Martin. Points I’d like to make here: In a country that cared about justice, the Sanford Police Department would have been in the docks with Zimmerman. It was their rank incompetence that let this […]

NATO 3 Trial Postponed Till March 2014, One Motion to Dismiss Charges Denied and Another Awaiting Ruling

Originally posted on Free the NATO 3:
On Tuesday, July 9, the NATO 3—Brent Betterly, Jared Chase, and Brian Jacob Church—had another status hearing to discuss discovery issues and three important pre-trial motions. The motions were Jacob’s motion to suppress his post-arrest statement to the police, the joint motion to dismiss the arson charges, and Brent’s…