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Stop a pipeline, prevent a meltdown

I don’t usually ask readers to sign on to be troublemakers, but something seriously stupid and dangerous is about to be built and stopping it is necessary if people want to live around this part of NY. The Spectra folks, who put that amazingly dangerous 30″ natural gas pipeline under the Whitney museum, are building […]

Show confirmed: The Story of Falling Don

It’s a done deal. I will be performing my 9/11 play THE STORY OF FALLING DON on Saturday November 7. The play is being performed at Our Saviour’s Atonement Lutheran Church in Washington Heights (NYC).  The church is at 178 Bennett Ave., which parallels Broadway, near 189th St. A and #1 trains will get you there.  I […]

Ejection of ALL fuel from TEPCO Reactor 2

Reblogging this because it’s reinforcement of some earlier articles I had posted about Japan. More proof that (thanks to Fukushima) there’s enough radiation in the atmosphere to make our survival of climate collapse an afterthought. There’s a graphic that I’m adding here (also from Tekknorg) that applies. Thanks to Tekknorg for keeping on the story.

More on Exxon Revelations

Originally posted on Climate Denial Crock of the Week:
Interview with Neela Banerjee, lead reporter on the bombshell series of revelations from Inside Climate News, – what Exxon knew about climate change, and when they knew it. The oil company was actually doing cutting edge research in the late 70s and early 80s, working with…

Capitalism’s self-cannibalizing ways

Last week I told you a wonderful story of Exxon and Shell and Global Warming. Specifically, I relayed the information now made available about how back in the late 1970’s, Exxon’s research scientists confirmed a link between the burning of fossil fuels and climate warming (and kept the news to themselves). Shell Oil’s disingenuous ways involve what […]

Don’t know much about AGW–EXXON KNEW

This is a series I’ve posted in from time to time. The point of the title (‘don’t know much about….’) is meant to highlight a subject that I’ve found to be generally misunderstood or not part of the general knowledge of most people. The inspiration for the series was Kenneth C Davis‘ DON’T KNOW MUCH […]

California Governor Warns of Coming Climate Refugee Crisis

Originally posted on Climate Denial Crock of the Week:
Governor Brown of California states the obvious. A climate refugee crisis is waiting to happen in North America. Joe Romm at Climate Progress: The Syria conflict has triggered the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II,” explains the European Commission. As Climate Progress has been reporting…

The Arctic sea ice watch 2015

I don’t have much to contribute here except to note that Robin Westenra, whose site I’m sending you to, has been doing the real leg-work on climate collapse and NTHE. I am merely here to offer you an introduction to his work. If you’re joining late, the question is how big this year’s Arctic Sea […]