Show confirmed: The Story of Falling Don

I'm sitting by the window that faced the towers on 9/11

I’m sitting by the window that faced the towers on 9/11

It’s a done deal. I will be performing my 9/11 play THE STORY OF FALLING DON on Saturday November 7. The play is being performed at Our Saviour’s Atonement Lutheran Church in Washington Heights (NYC).  The church is at 178 Bennett Ave., which parallels Broadway, near 189th St. A and #1 trains will get you there.  I don’t know ticket price yet. Performances (mine and others) will begin at 6, I’m on at 7, but there is a gallery full of artwork you might want to see. The church is doing a month-long celebration of ‘forgiveness’, and the calendar is here

As I’ve pointed out previously, the play is my only autobiographical work and is about how I spent 9/11 (which is not how ANYBODY would want to spend 9/11, let me tell you). I will talk about Falling Don, one of the many people I saw that day. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to go forgive somebody (at least I HOPE that’s what you’ll want to do, since the play is part of a ‘forgiveness’ event).  

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