Monthly Archives: August 2021

My crime story

So I now have a crime story. I’m pretty miffed about it. My DW and I have eliminated all our credit cards. Took a lot of time and sacrifice, but the only cards we have are debit cards(2) and an AMEX, and we pay the balance of that every month. When we order stuff over […]


In the nine years I’ve been doing this blog, I’ve quoted from Sam Carana of Arctic Methane Emergency Group a number of times. He’s been a source for climate information that can’t be found in mainstream media. I’m bringing his reporting to your attention because the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has released its Sixth […]

PLANET PHUCKETT!! Coming to an internet device near you!

My Play PLANET PHUCKETT!! is coming to an internet enabled device near you. Date will be August 18, roughly two weeks from today as part of The Marsh Solo Arts Heal Climate program. A half hour of performance followed by a question answer on art, life, extinction and performance. Dr. Guy McPherson will also be […]