PLANET PHUCKETT!! Coming to an internet device near you!

My Play PLANET PHUCKETT!! is coming to an internet enabled device near you. Date will be August 18, roughly two weeks from today as part of The Marsh Solo Arts Heal Climate program. A half hour of performance followed by a question answer on art, life, extinction and performance. Dr. Guy McPherson will also be in attendance to field questions. It will be a great evening for everyone.

PLANET PHUCKETT!! is a lecture/clown performance on climate change and global warming given by a character named Dr. James Light, an evolutionary biologist who’s been cashiered from his cozy university job because his lectures upset his students. Dr. Light presents his case that humanity is on a short path to extinction. He makes this argument while dressed in clown garb–And as a ‘death-clown’, he tells jokes. He makes balloon animals. He plays with puppets. But Dr. Light also lays out a plan for what a loving people might do under these circumstances.

Details on the Marsh Solo Arts Healing website. See you then!

See you on the 18th!

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