IMPORTANT–THIS IS NOT a COMPLETE LIST OF WORK. YOU CAN FIND THAT (NO FANCY PICTURES OR LINKS) HERE My name is Daniel Kinch. I also answer to Dan as well as a variety of other names (sometimes to ‘Jerry’). I studied acting in college at University of South Florida (and afterwards), but my interest is (and always […]

I know, but the news is back and forth. This is from my website . I posted from Sam Carana, a scientist from the ARCTIC METHANE EMERGENCY GROUP. A search of my site will reveal other statements from Carana. You can find the original post here. it felt like bad news. But new evidence has […]

If you scroll through my writing(800+ articles), you’ll reveal the name of a climate scientist named Sam Carana with Arctic Methane Emergency Group. I’ve followed his work for many years. but this is beyond anything previously put out. he posted tw0 relevant articles. this is the easy one: if y0u want something less ‘arty’ but […]

Inherit the Wind. From the movie. So from my youth, this is what happened in theatre based on politics: The right wing would be in ascendancy in the US. Nixon or Reagan would get in the White House, or bills would come before congress demanding that prayer be reinstalled in schools. And almost like clockwork, […]

I haven’t written much about MEER, but it’s the only global warming mitigation strategy that has any chance of heading off a Sixth Mass Extinction due to global warming. Pioneered by Dr. Ye Tao, Meer is a strategy of using reflective metal panels to prevent solar radiation from hitting the earth and heating the planet. […]

The news from the Sunshine State is depressing. The governor there, Ron DeSantis, has somehow become the heir apparent to the GOP presidential race, and is running on a campaign of almost fascist talking points. There are multiple sources to show which books have been banned in Florida counties, but you could start here . […]

My appearance at the Orlando Fringe in TWENTY BLOCKS NORTH OF THE ROCKPILE I wrote two plays about 9/11. One is ready to go, gives scant info about my conspiratorial suspicions, and was performed in NYC in March 2022 (with an early version performed at the Theater for the New City several years ago). The […]

This echoes the title of a Robert Benchley anthology I grew up with as a kid. AFTER 1903 WHAT? Published in 1938, I suppose it was a satire on the hinky apocalyptic things being circulated by evangelicals who (as we know with hindsight) were wrong. Anyone alive in 1903 (or 1938 for that matter) knew […]

responding to a wordpress inquiry– have I performed onstage?– yes I have and the details are here:

I’m asked to give a ‘citation’.for WordPress. OK. My first such play (A CLOWN, A HAMMER, A BOMB AND GOD opened in 1997 at the first NY Fringe Festival and has been performed and toured in the US and Europe, with early performances courtesy of Ben Roberts. This picture was taken in Rotterdam in 1999l […]

(an old play to be mounted as a podcast soon). Nine years ago, I wrote about oil and its peak. It was during the Obama administration, and there was serious concern that we would never get past a price of $100/barrel, which means that the economies of the world would never get out of the […]