IMPORTANT–THIS IS NOT a COMPLETE LIST OF WORK. YOU CAN FIND THAT (NO FANCY PICTURES OR LINKS) HERE My name is Daniel Kinch. I also answer to Dan as well as a variety of other names (sometimes to ‘Jerry’). I studied acting in college at University of South Florida (and afterwards), but my interest is (and always […]

My appearance at the Orlando Fringe in TWENTY BLOCKS NORTH OF THE ROCKPILE I wrote two plays about 9/11. One is ready to go, gives scant info about my conspiratorial suspicions, and was performed in NYC in March 2022 (with an early version performed at the Theater for the New City several years ago). The […]

This echoes the title of a Robert Benchley anthology I grew up with as a kid. AFTER 1903 WHAT? Published in 1938, I suppose it was a satire on the hinky apocalyptic things being circulated by evangelicals who (as we know with hindsight) were wrong. Anyone alive in 1903 (or 1938 for that matter) knew […]

responding to a wordpress inquiry– have I performed onstage?– yes I have and the details are here:

I’m asked to give a ‘citation’.for WordPress. OK. My first such play (A CLOWN, A HAMMER, A BOMB AND GOD opened in 1997 at the first NY Fringe Festival and has been performed and toured in the US and Europe, with early performances courtesy of Ben Roberts. This picture was taken in Rotterdam in 1999l […]

(an old play to be mounted as a podcast soon). Nine years ago, I wrote about oil and its peak. It was during the Obama administration, and there was serious concern that we would never get past a price of $100/barrel, which means that the economies of the world would never get out of the […]

I try not to pick on the Gipper, mainly because the loyalty of the GOP to his legacy makes the MAGA people pale in comparison. Talking true smack about the Gipper brings hatred, as I learned upon publicizing Reagan’s role as the only US president convicted of War crimes.But lately it’s looking like 2022 will […]

It was a bad dream. I was trying to go to sleep and couldn’t. I was hit with heavy night sweats, a bit of coughing and overall feelings of being ill. I woke up Sunday feeling pretty lousy and didn’t feel better. If Ive gotten the timeline wrong, sorry. I felt a bit nauseated as […]

A new conversation (dated September 2, today as I type this) with Dr. Guy on the Canadian Prepper site, a new group looking at the issues of NTHE. If you’re joining late, this is a well thought out discussion of current news in warming. Some new ideas circulated. You can find it on Youtube Here. […]

Back from the Tampa Fringe and my play HOW TO PARTY LIKE IT WILL NEVER BE 2029. I tried to keep things light and funny (great classic lines about Brooklyn, a minimum of insults about De Santis). Expanding with presentation software, ready to tour to… where? I had a bunch of other plays I could […]

This article begins with the usual ‘i could be wrong’ denials, but if it’s right, we are in fact too late to party like it’s 2029 This is what I was trying to warn about at theTampa fringe show. Loss of ice and release of methane sufficient to shut down the planet with heat. There […]