My Play PLANET PHUCKETT!! is coming to an internet enabled device near you. Date will be August 18, roughly two weeks from today as part of The Marsh Solo Arts Heal Climate program. A half hour of performance followed by a question answer on art, life, extinction and performance. Dr. Guy McPherson will also be […]

I’m taking you to an early picture of Guy McPherson because the lecture he did seven years ago. I even did my first blog on the work of Guy McPherson as a result of this lecture. It linkS to a Youtube video of his lecture: One of the factoids that stuck with me was early […]

A producer suggested that I needed to make it easier to find my theater writing. Fair enough. I’ve attempted to market my work for the better part of 30 years, with mixed success. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m a talented playwright and screenwriter. So here’s a list of the plays I’ve written […]

Roughly six years ago, I wrote a funny little article about Donald Trump, then just a presidential aspirant and rider of escalators. My suspicion was that Trump’s racist and fascist ways would be revelatory not for Trump, but for the rest of the GOP. I didn’t know at the time (apparently, neither did the Daily […]

Weird July 4 for me. Three things stick out in terms of the ‘celebratory’ mood this day is supposed to make me feel: Six hundred thousand fewer ‘Muricans around to celebrate from a year ago. Thank COVID19 and the Trump mismanagement for those who left us. Speaking of Herr Drumpf, we’re seven months from the […]

Volunteering my services, having written extensively about the disastrous future we’re facing.

A question that popped up in the Quora discussion groups. Why hasn’t anyone written a great movie script about our pending demise? I hadn’t given it much thought, but now I am addressing it. As I recall, the movies that have given any thought to the problem of climate change have been pretty nonsensical. […]

global weirding comes to the US big-time. As someone who thought I’d be a successful playwright/screenwriter by now, I read a lot of obscure history. At one point I was working on a musical play about the US Cavalry men that finally brought down the Apache nation (especially Geronimo). This was back in the 1980’s, […]

September of this year will mean more than usual. Somehow, a 20th anniversary of a tragic event means more than a 15th or tenth anniversary. So it is with the upcoming 20th for 9/11, the attack on NY. I’ve bored people with my personal 9/11 stories on numerous occasions over the years, and some of […]

This was put up on Quora by a Democrat in the sTate of Indiana (already a rare individual). He goes by the moniker of Indiana War Donkey. I think most of the people following my blog know this, but still…It’s nice to have a reference point for such facts, especially as news organizations missed a […]