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So here’s the deal. Five years ago I brought my play about global warming (then titled PLANET HOSPICE) to the first ever TAMPA FRINGE. It was bad news about climate. It’s all bad news. And people got the message a bit but the beer is cheap in Ybor City, and after my run, everybody calmed down

See? nothing to worry about.

Here’s the thing–the following September, Tampa was visited by horrible storms and at one point TAMPA BAY EMPTIED OUT FOR A FEW HOURS. Pictures here. and as my play is about catastrophic climate and possible human extinction, I thought somebody would say ‘hey–didn’t that actor from Brooklyn warn us?

And in the years After that, I had requests to livestream the play. So if you want to know what I meant, you can go to my youtube page and look at the show PLANET PHUCKETT!!(an updated title) which became part of the Vancouver Fringe and the Share Theater (in England).

I also did a short piece on the threat of Methane. hint. It doesn’t involve cows.

So life went on. Here we are a half dozen years later. And the news is getting worse. But I’ve learned harmonica and harmonica and I can do a mean puppet act. I will look like this I think.

See? No mask or skull.

And now I’m taking a more pro-active stance on all this. Simply put if we know that we have only a few weeks or months before global warming comes for us… well… What do you want to do? what’s the best use of our energy? (hint: time at the Tesla dealership or writing the checks to VISA may not be the best use of your time if you only have a few weeks left. Remember, I’m not a scientist. I’m just sayin’.)

So if you want to come to my show, here’s the link. You can even buy tickets now, which (with gas leaning in at $5 a gallon is a big factor in getting me there).

Here’s the link to buy tickets. And this link will tell you everything you need to know to fringe in Tampa!

SPECIAL UPDATE. If you don’t live in or near TAMPA, you might want me to come visit you. You can use the comment boxes below to get in touch with me. I like to joke that I tour for ‘Pizza and decent beer’–it isn’t that cheap but we can work something out. send me a note!

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