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“I am Agent Strawberry of the Biotic Baking Brigade…”

Agent Strawberry of the Biotic Baking Brigade. I am swift. I am Deadly. To the evil conspirators at war with the natural living forces on this planet, I am —Their worst niqhtmare! With my special tuber tazer and my invincible Tart Classique, I am unstoppable. I will stop the forces of ANTI-Nature in their Gucci-footprinted […]

Update on the Cleveland 5

There was a hearing for the Cleveland 5 defendants on July 25, and supporters in the courtroom were shocked to hear that one of the defendants, Anthony Hayne, had entered a guilty plea and offer of testimony in exchange for his cooperation in turning state’s evidence. Mr. Hayne had some prior convictions in 2000, but […]

Greenham Common and the first Occupy (preview)

I’m writing a long post on the history of Greenham Common. Long story short–the protesters at Greenham camped out for some ten years in front of a US b52 airbase that was keeping first-strike weapons on high alert.  But that protest eventually got the airbase shut down. And in recent months, as a memorial was […]

Mitt, Lotto, Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams

This was the post I was working on when Friday came and we all learned the name JAMES EAGAN HOLMES.  Some of the heat has gone out of this story, but let’s start with the great controversy that is Mitt Romney’s tax returns. People are complaining that Willard (btw his real legal name, the one […]

James Eagan Holmes and My Black Bloc story

Like most of us ‘Muhricans, I’ve been transfixed by the events in Aurora, Colorado. James Eagan Holmes was arraigned this morning for the crime of turning a movie theater into a shooting gallery. The memes floating about this AM about this story are many. Apparently one can arm oneself with 6,500 rounds of ammunition online, […]

Kathleen Stansell and A GOOD DAY 2 PIE dance piece

This is a really amazing dance piece Kathleen put together based on my play. Agent Strawberry of the Biotic Baking Brigade takes on the evil Monsanto corporation for attacking the world’s food supply. I wrote some introductory lines as a jumping-off. Presented at the Muse space in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

Occupy Tampa?

Greetings. It’s sticky warm here in my corner of Brooklyn, and a trip to the grocery provides real sticker shock. Forget the gamed stats from the BLS–if you count inflation to include things like food and energy, we’re bubbling along at around 10%. In the last few years, Peanut butter (a household staple) has advanced […]