Monthly Archives: July 2012

Kicking a big pile of dogsh*t in Three…Two… One…

Apparently my rep as a troublemaker and activist has made ‘friends’ (FB friends is a kind of odd idea, right?) think I should be involved in caring about all God’s creatures. So I have been linked to and prodded through e-mails to care about and protest the planned upcoming demise of one Lennox, a Belfast dog that shall be […]

Buh Bye for a few

First, I’m pleased to note that HOW TO STOP THE EMPIRE WHILE KEEPING YOUR DAY JOB is now linked to RSN (Reader Supported News). It’s in their GODOT section of uploaded content. Or you can just click the link here. If you feel inspired, drop something in their donation pot. And leave a comment you wouldn’t […]

Video the FBI really doesn’t like–UPDATED

An activist/protester videotaped the FBI coming to the door to ‘interview’ her. valuable information on what to say (and not say).

Support for the NATO 3/5 and the Cleveland 5 needed

Okay, some explanations–there is a NATO 5 and a NATO 3. The NATO 3 are in huge trouble and facing terrorism charges for alleged actions they took when NATO had its conference in Chicago last May. There are two other arrestees, and although they make a NATO 5, the other two aren’t being charged with […]

WBCR Radio podcast of Empire play

Hey–thanks to Phil Rosenberg at WBCR, my recent radio performance was up on the web this AM. Here it is–I talk about protests and Occupy and the Mortgage meltdown and globalization. Next time I’ll do actual homework about it before I go.

Clusterphuck in Philadelphia

(note–I’ve made changes this afternoon 7/2 after seeing live feed. Not nearly as discouraged as I was when drafting this on Saturday) If you read my last post, you know that I had a whole raft of events going on over the weekend. I was on WBCR to talk about my plays and about the Occupy Movement […]