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Milestones for 2012

This year has been all over the place for me–some amazing opportunities, the chance to partner with Kathleen Stansell on different projects, my segment on WBCR’s Sex and Politics, and the plays that I’ve created being picked up by a larger audience. On the distaff side, multiple empty chairs at Christmas Time. Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy. A brief […]

Originally posted on Committee Against Political Repression:
Maddy Pfeiffer was taken into custody today at FDC SeaTac. They self-reported at 9am with about a dozen friends to walk them in. Please write to Maddy. BUT KEEP IN MIND that Maddy can’t read cursive so please print or type your letter. Any support and encouragement is…

Occupy’s FBI files

Thanks to the Partnership for Civil Justice‘s FOIA request, we now know that the FBI has been surveilling the Occupy movement since August of 2011 (before there was any occupation). For anybody who’s ever been part of any activist movement with traction, this confirms what they already inuited  was true–ever since the days of COINTELPRO […]

Ignored crises and new career horizons

I’m starting this with a semi-personal story. A family member opened a bar (actually, co-opened a bar with partners and her SO). And it was a big hit and people were all excited and they designed a marvelous logo. And in a burst of enthusiasm, the folks connected with said bar (including said family member) […]

December 20, A BIG PROJECT and my small bit

International Day of Peace: This is a big project by the United Nations Artists For Peace –a day of livestreaming (and not-so-livestreaming) in support of peace, social justice and equality. It’s such a big project, that’s what they call it: A BIG PROJECT. Lots of music, the occasional speech, some dance/movement. And then there’s me. So […]

Originally posted on Committee Against Political Repression:
Repression and Revolt: Grand Jury Resistance in the Pacific Northwest Friday December 21st, 2012 7:pm – 9pm at 1414 Lincoln Place Brooklyn, NY After a recent history of contagious anarchist activity in Seattle and the broader Pacific Northwest the area is facing a wave of increased repression. This…

Christmas in the trenches–John McCutcheon

This is a song (written by John McCutcheon) that’s been around since 1989, and you pretty much have to be a pacifist to have heard it. On Christmas Eve 1914, British and German soldiers crossed the trenches into No Man’s Land and had a truce for several hours. They even had a soccer game. Soldiers […]

Feminism, income and the two-job family (a continuation of a ‘debate’ on WBCR)

On WBCR’s Sex and Politics this evening (12/13) Mike Hovell read an essay about feminism and women holding jobs. In this video from 2006, Harvard professor (and now Massachusetts Senator-elect) Elizabeth Warren talks about her research into the financial pressures on the family since the 1970’s. She makes the point that incomes stagnated while most […]

Entitlement cuts and other con games

So thanks to reporting in Politico (dissected nicely here), we now know that ‘serious people’ in DC are talking about entitlement cuts as the only way to stabilize the US Federal budget going forward. This is (unsurprisingly) a coterie of the 1% who will never depend on Social Security to keep the lights on and […]

WBCR this week: Sandy relief and the Shock Doctrine

This week on Sex and Politics, I’ll be talking about Occupy Sandy Relief and the growing frustration in the areas hardest hit by the storm at the glacial pace of government response. Six weeks after the storm, thousands of NY residents are still living in homes that don’t have electricity or heat and are suffering […]