Feminism, income and the two-job family (a continuation of a ‘debate’ on WBCR)

On WBCR’s Sex and Politics this evening (12/13) Mike Hovell read an essay about feminism and women holding jobs. In this video from 2006, Harvard professor (and now Massachusetts Senator-elect) Elizabeth Warren talks about her research into the financial pressures on the family since the 1970’s. She makes the point that incomes stagnated while most fixed costs (mortgages, healthcare, education) all skyrocketed, forcing families to put a second fulltime worker into the job market.In other words, issues such as income disparity and respect for women in the workplace became hugely important. This is an amazing lecture, especially coming (as it does) almost a year before the Bear Stearns and Lehman meltdowns and the Bush Crash. Watch it and put some comments down (I’m talking to you, Mike!)

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