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Caught lying in New England

I was trying to title this, and this came to mind. It reads like the standard signature block to a letter addressed to Ann Landers back in the day. You imagine some star-crossed lover in the 70’s writing Ms Landers re a complicated story of a love triangle involving brothers (it was usually those of the […]

Where is Occupy Wall Street on Extended Unemployment?

My ire was stirred a week or so ago by an article in Huff Post about the end of long-term unemployment benefits. For those of you joining late, the Congress left town in December for the Holiday recess without renewing extended unemployment benefits, which expired on December 28. The article itself was pretty straightforward. They interviewed a […]

Feminism, income and the two-job family (a continuation of a ‘debate’ on WBCR)

On WBCR’s Sex and Politics this evening (12/13) Mike Hovell read an essay about feminism and women holding jobs. In this video from 2006, Harvard professor (and now Massachusetts Senator-elect) Elizabeth Warren talks about her research into the financial pressures on the family since the 1970’s. She makes the point that incomes stagnated while most […]