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NTHE and leftists–Real Progressives webcast

I’m scheduled to speak to Steve Grumbine on the webcast ‘Real Progressives’. Time is next Friday at 8 PM. It’s cast on FaceBook, and I’ll post a link to it afterwards. Steve is an activist and organizer and was one of the organizers of the event last year in DC for The March to Restore […]

James Hodgkinson

Shooting in DC. The shooter took down a Republican Congressman and several of his aides at a softball event. It would have been worse but for Capitol police surrounding the softball field. Gunfire was exchanged. The accused shooter, James T Hodgkinson, is dead according to news reports. He’s a 66 year old man who lost […]

Survivable IPCC projections based on science fiction.

Originally posted on Kevin Hester:
“In the latest ‘Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 5th Assessment Report’ (IPCC AR5), there have been published a selection of ‘Representative Concentration Pathways’ (RCP’s). Dr Matt Watson, from the school of earth Sciences at the University of Bristol (UK), made this point strongly at a recent meeting at the Royal…