James Hodgkinson

james hodg

James T Hodgkinson of Illinois, alleged shooter in the attack on Congressman Steve Scalise. From his FaceBook page.

Shooting in DC. The shooter took down a Republican Congressman and several of his aides at a softball event. It would have been worse but for Capitol police surrounding the softball field. Gunfire was exchanged. The accused shooter, James T Hodgkinson, is dead according to news reports. He’s a 66 year old man who lost his home inspection business (or may have been fired). Details emerging.

His Facebook Profile was left up long enough for me to capture this page off his feed. I’ve blacked out pictures of friends and people commenting on his demise. 

james hodge facebook page

The creepy part of all this is that what little I can see of his FB feed indicates he’s like many of the people I’m FB friends with. He’s a big Bernie supporter. He really, really doesn’t like Trump. And he didn’t target anybody he’d have a personal connection with– he shot a Louisiana Congressman, Steven Scalise, who was GOP whip. His wall isn’t adorned with particularly incendiary posts, and there’s nothing to indicate he was ready to start shooting.

Bad day for a bunch of people.

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