NTHE and leftists–Real Progressives webcast

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I’m scheduled to speak to Steve Grumbine on the webcast ‘Real Progressives’. Time is next Friday at 8 PM. It’s cast on FaceBook, and I’ll post a link to it afterwards. Steve is an activist and organizer and was one of the organizers of the event last year in DC for The March to Restore Democracy. I performed there.

We’ll be discussing the threat of human extinction and the lack of response on the left. Steve put up a webcast on FB a couple days ago that echoes the concerns I have. The Left has never been so energized as it is in the aftermath of the Trump election. But most people aren’t willing to address the real threat of Human Extinction in the near term due to AGW. Obviously, my play PLANET HOSPICE is on this subject, and I’ve tried to blog on the topic a great deal. But where’s the rest of the interest? Is the problem so big that no one wants to wrestle with it? Is it so intimidating and depressing that climate activists won’t even touch it? 

It’ll be a worthwhile use of your time.  Meanwhile, if you want to see Steve’s presentation (that started this whole thing), go here. You’ll be intrigued.



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