* Assuming you live in Tampa and live near the theater I’m performing in

Planet Hospice Tampa

Always low prices and death. Always.

A week from tonight I will be in beautiful Tampa Florida at the Tampa International Fringe Festival. The purpose of my visit will be to spread lots of laffs with my play PLANET HOSPICE (a Theatrical Romp through Human Extinction). It’s a new play, a comedy (to the degree the subject matter allows).

tampa event page

Are you psyched? I’m psyched!

My biggest challenge is the rewrites. Since my play opened at the Ithaca Fringe Festival Last year, I’ve been trying to keep it current with the events that drive it. Lots of re-writing and I expect to be updating the play every day until I wing back to New York on Monday ish. 

And it’s gonna be great! Balloons! Puppets! Hockey sticks! 

And cheap! You cannot buy movie tickets for as cheap as my tickets are (at least in the Dystopian Hell that is Brooklyn). It’ll be great!

We’ll be at the Urban Phoenix, a venue populated by nice people (at least from the e-mail I get). Looking forward to making everyone’s acquaintance. 


For tickets, directions, and performance times, don’t hesitate to go here:

See you next week!

PS: Don’t ignore the many interesting and exciting offerings for the Tampa International Fringe Fest. All of the shows are here: 







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