Monthly Archives: September 2012

Podcast coming–Barclays Center protests and Spain oh my…

Reminder that tonight I will be on WBCR around 7:30 to talk about Occupy and latest events. It’s available live here. Or you can wait for the podcast, which is here. In the meantime, speaking of sports money and politics, did you know that Madison Square Gardens pays no property tax? This is thanks to […]

Where is the Bull Connor moment for Occupy?

I’ve spent the past few days reviewing the stories and protest video from September 17, the first anniversary of the Occupy Movement.  I should start by saying that the organizers did some amazing work, putting together a week of activities and teach-ins, and organizing a big, complicated protest for Monday morning. In effect, the financial […]

Mitt Romney’s unguarded moment–a play in gestation

I don’t need to explain this, right? Willard Mitt Romney has been caught on video disparaging roughly half the voting population as being dependent on government assistance and not paying taxes (what they mean is not paying INCOME TAXES–poor people pay FICA on every dime, they pay sales taxes, if they own a car the […]

The Gansevoort Pipeline, Mayor Bloomberg, and the future of Fracking in NY State

Okay, here’s a delightful story about Occupy and a giant gas pipeline under construction in the West Village–a story that also involves fracking and the Marcellus Shale range and Mayor Bloomberg. It’s hard to follow at times, and it’s not at all clear who the actors are and whose script the government is following. The subject […]

I’m on radio!

For a couple months now, I’ve been working with Phil Rosenberg at Brooklyn College radio on his show Sex and Politics. Since September 6, I’ve been doing a regular segment on the Occupy movement. But before that, we had radio versions of my plays A GOOD DAY 2 PIE and HOW TO STOP THE EMPIRE […]

S17 weekend–one year anniversary of Occupy!

This weekend is the one year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street taking over Zuccotti Park and renaming it Liberty Park. A lot has happened over the past year, and the Occupy movement has in many ways changed the narrative about America’s relationship with the top income earners (the 1%). I’m not going to try to […]

Update–disarming grandmothers found guilty

A Magistrate in England has found peace activists Helen John and Sylvia Boyes guilty of  protest crimes under Section 128 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act.  This is in response to their arrest at Menwith Hill, a huge electronic surveillance facility in England set up by the United States. They were unable to […]