Update–disarming grandmothers found guilty

A Magistrate in England has found peace activists Helen John and Sylvia Boyes guilty of  protest crimes under Section 128 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act.  This is in response to their arrest at Menwith Hill, a huge electronic surveillance facility in England set up by the United States. They were unable to convince the judge to allow experts on Menwith Hill to present expert testimony about Menwith Hill and the uses of the information there. For now they remain free, and plan to appeal.

Their ongoing activism has been documented on the disarming Grandmothers website here.

By the way, for all the draconian nature of the title of the SERIOUS ORGANIZED CRIME AND POLICE ACT, this is a law to restrict the right of people to demonstrate against the government.

PS: I found this interesting–In Sylvia’s biography in the ‘about’ section, she answers the question: Five words that summarise your life as a campaigner:Good idea at the time

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