Homage to Olbermann Update

I posted about this last month. On July 26, Harry Reid announced that he had been told that Presidential candidate  Romney hadn’t paid anything in income taxes for Ten years. Romney denied this, but refused to release any more tax returns. And he hasn’t revealed a complete form yet, since the one set of returns he released did not contain the FBAR foreign holdings (aka his holdings in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands) that he has admitted to. Mr. Romney’s denials about the truth of this matter are carefully couched in a non-denial denial fashion. He and his surrogates keep saying “I paid plenty of taxes” but they never say “I paid plenty of INCOME TAXES” which is of course the question.

So… today is Day 46 of Willard not addressing the concerns of the American People regarding his taxes. Show us the taxes, Willard. It’s one less secret you’re asking us to ‘trust you’ on.

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