December 20, A BIG PROJECT and my small bit

International Day of Peace: This is a big project by the United Nations Artists For Peace –a day of livestreaming (and not-so-livestreaming) in support of peace, social justice and equality. It’s such a big project, that’s what they call it: A BIG PROJECT. Lots of music, the occasional speech, some dance/movement. And then there’s me.

So anyway, I was invited/selected/won a consolation prize to upload something from my play. I was limited to a few minutes, so I did a seated five-minute version of the Empire Play (How to Stop the Empire–the short version). hopefully I will have other chances to participate with this group. And let me know what you think of the shortened version.

Pax, Namaste, Shalom, Salaam.

PS: The t-shirt? yeah, that’s the Death Star. You can’t get that shirt anymore (it’s a whole thing about ’empire technologies–providing good paying jobs’). You can however find this.

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