Milestones for 2012

This year has been all over the place for me–some amazing opportunities, the chance to partner with Kathleen Stansell on different projects, my segment on WBCR’s Sex and Politics, and the plays that I’ve created being picked up by a larger audience. On the distaff side, multiple empty chairs at Christmas Time. Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy. A brief period when we thought the Mayans were optimists.

A weird milestone here. This AM, I put the last few spins on the bicycle odometer in 34 degree weather and flipped over to 8,000 miles. I’d like to say I’m proud, but mostly I’m cold.

Me after clocking my 8,000th mile on my bike. Yes it was cold.

Me after clocking my 8,000th mile on my bike today. Yes it was cold.

Per the handy ‘bicycle calorie counter‘ tool on the Bicycle Habitat site, at an average speed of 13 MPH,  after inputting my weight and adjusting for lowered wind resistance (since I’m riding recumbent V-Rex, which has me nearly prone when pedaling), and factoring in stop and go riding, carry the two… I burned… A LOT OF CALORIES this year.

Here’s hoping for better times in 2013.




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