2013: a to-do list

Kathleen as Agent Strawberry in A GOOD DAY 2 PIE

Kathleen as Agent Strawberry in A GOOD DAY 2 PIE. You know you want to see this play.


Okay, I’m a few days late. Thought it would be an easier holiday, but the Christmas/New Year’s holidays left my life like a wino, staggering out and making me appreciate the silence. At least for me. Here’s the list.

  1. Participate in the polar bear swim. Did that a few years ago. It’s not how I want to make my next trip to an emergency room.
  2. Get me some gigs! Really! I have all these great monologues and plays, and I took a break for the last four months for family reasons, but really. I’m ready. I can get there in a few hours. You owe me transportation costs and a place to sleep and a meal or two.
  3. I wanna do the longer version of this. I’ve added new, relevant material about jury nullification. And remember, every show is unique, because I always go up on my lines.
  4. I want to do my play about Carl Kabat, a priest who disarmed a nuclear weapon 19 years ago. You’ll enjoy it. Really! Call me.
  5. I want Kathleen Stansell to do my play about Monsanto and Genetically engineered food. Again and again and again.  For money.  And to change the world. Maybe in that order.
  6. I’m going to work on a play about dumpster diving and food and capitalism.
  7. I need pictures, dammit. Know somebody who works cheap?
  8. ditto video.
  9. Occupy will be out on May Day.  Last year was a blast. I plan to join them this year. How about you?
  10. Anybody want to join me for a century ride?
  11. Spread more love, less vitriol.
  12. Use hand signals on the bike, and not just the one I use on a regular basis if you get my drift.
  13. Go to Ohio and say goodbye to my parents in a formal way.
  14. Strap on an explosives belt and walk into the office of Okay, some things are best kept as a surprise.
  15. Get my spare room fixed.
  16. Support the Seattle Grand Jury prisoners
  17. Support the NATO 3 or the NATO 5 (depends on who’s counting) in Chicago.

I’ll probably think of something else, but I’m already six days late.

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