Why we’re screwed (by 2029 if not sooner)

So I’m doing this play about climate and why global warming is going crazy. It’s at the Tampa Fringe and I have two more nights. As I remind the audience, I am not a PhD in climate related issues. But this caught my attention in April and I’ve been ruminating ever since. People deserve to know.


The Apocalyptic Vision that drove me to write this thing came about since last April. I was informed of predictions by a group called the NAVAL POSTGRADUATE COLLEGE. Predictions are bad–most scientists deal in Projections, not predictions. But these folks predicted the following

  • no complete loss of arctic Ice this year despite warming; instead cooling trend called La Nina;
  • However, ice will not rebuild during the winter months;
  • An El Nino heating event next spring sufficient to give us loss of Arctic ice and a BLUE OCEAN EVENT;
  • With no ice to cool the oceans, we’ll have methane breakdown and ‘crazy weather’ patterns’ including accelerated global heating sufficient to interfere with plant germination and cause extinctions of multiple species within a few years:
  • Hence the title of my play. Might as well party now.

Better party now.

You can look all this up on the Nature Bats Last Website. Just do a search on ‘Wieslaw Maslowski’ and ‘Naval’ and pull up the article links. I’m not saying this is iron clad but the indications are all the

This is the science I’ve written about in the eight plus years I’ve been blogging. Maybe we’ll last a little longer. But my play assumes worst and asks how we address all this. If you want me to perform at your locale, let me know. Remember, this isn’t Guy’s fault–he’s compiling the work of other scientists and just drawing conclusions.

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