The last tour–sign on now

The Loire river, the longest in France with a history that goes back to the Roman Empire, has dried out this year owing to lack of rain and high temperatures.

Back from the Tampa Fringe and my play HOW TO PARTY LIKE IT WILL NEVER BE 2029. I tried to keep things light and funny (great classic lines about Brooklyn, a minimum of insults about De Santis). Expanding with presentation software, ready to tour to… where?

A one-size fits all poster from the Tampa Fringe courtesy of Trish Parry.

I had a bunch of other plays I could bring to Florida. I brought this even thought it was a work in progress and wasn’t a laff riot. But the warnings coming from the science community are harrowing, and if right, we don’t have much time left on the planet. You can look at an assessment from the Naval Postgraduate College made earlier this year. I hope to be able to flesh this out soon, but read between the lines– a La Nina event late this summer followed by an El Nino event in the spring. If the latter causes meltdown in the Arctic, we may be veering into a Mass Extinction event. I’ll explain in future weeks based on revelations in the science community.

The point is, we may be facing an increasingly shortened existence owing to warming past the point of survival. Dr. James Anderson, the chemist who helped to preserve the Ozone layer, doesn’t extend much hope (which I tried to explain here last year). Dr. Anderson who received the Benton Price at a dinner in Chicago, caused everyone to look up from their Chicken Florentine when he said the chance of having Arctic Ice by 2023 was zero. if you’re astute about the ramifications of the loss of ice, this should concern you.

And now is not the time for sarcasm:

So… if you know what the scientists are saying right now (as Dr. McPherson describes it ‘in their out loud voices’) you might want me to do my song and dance to explain what’s up. I could be wrong, but the weight of scientific consensus seems to be working against that.

Again, I perform live. I need a place to sleep and some money to cover my travel. I need Pizza and decent beer (none of that MICK ULTRA horse pee). Put a note in my description below.

And as always, I hope I’m wrong.


  1. Keep it going keep it going full steam!

  2. Good on you mate for having the courage to do this.
    Generally it’s a thankless task but it’s honourable, challenging art as art should be.

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