The Worst News so far

Eight years on the truth is not covered.

I’m resorting to memes I find on Facebook these days because I’m getting pretty burned out on reality. Several Deaths in the family in recent weeks, plus a friend taking his own life, have pushed me through an emotional blender. I’m rarely laughing now. I work on smiling, but that was pointless during the COVID19 Masking mandate. This is typical. If I could just put this on my wall all the time. Eyeballs might fall but people would get the idea.

Latest from the Good Dr. Guy McPherson is the most dire I’ve seen in the Seven years I’ve followed his projections. The info is on his website here:

Video, Supporting Articles: Arctic Ocean Warming, Losing Ice

You can stay on his page or go to his Youtube page to watch the video.Nine minutes of explanation of ice loss on his Youtube page. If you don’t skip the ads on the YouTube link, I think he makes an extra nickel. Both places have links to the articles he’s citing.

Reminder: I am the lowly artist–I sing, I dance, I screw up math. But I’d like to remind you that I wrote about Dr. James Anderson and his predictions several years ago. You may recall that the good Dr. Anderson was receiving the Benton award for his science to save the Ozone layer. At his awards dinner, Dr. Anderson caused everyone to look up from their Chicken Florentine when he said the chance of having Arctic Ice by 2023 was zero. I explain all this in the link above.

My article is festooned with this picture:

I’m ready for my close-up, Mister DeMille”

The picture is from a climate protest I attended by NY City Hall in 2015. It was part of a world day of protest but you couldn’t tell by turnout in NY. If there were 300 people there, they were hiding. Our most existential threat and people couldn’t give up a few hours to indicate that yes, climate was a problem.

As CIndi Lauper would say, I digress.

Listen to the video I’ve linked. Read the linked articles Guy has provided on his page to see the supporting materials for this dire prediction.

PS: You can subscribe to Guy McPherson’s webpage ASK AN ECOLOGIST ANYTHING LIVESTREAM which gives you a heads-up on info about the climate. At this point it behooves you to subscribe.

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