adventures with virus

I got my last shot over the weekend for the Coronavirus. I received the Moderna vaccine (two-dose special). I had problems scheduling an appointment here in Brooklyn. I consider that good-news, actually. It means local people are doing the vaccine. My friends who regale me with stories of zero-wait time for the inoculation are mostly from Red states where the GOP has wrested control of politics away from the sane people. My buddy in Florida Dan Uhlfelder has been fighting a losing battle against the Florida locals who are saying the pandemic ‘ain’t no big thang’.

This was what the crowd looked like in Canarsie on a Saturday. Every other vaccine site in my part of Brooklyn was full up.

there are 50 people folded up in this line, plus another hundred wrapped around the building out to the sidewalk.

So 72 hours after my second shot… I’m feeling crappy, frankly. I think it’s a cold or sinus infection. The Canarsie site I went to for my second shot was six miles away from chez Danno and not accessible by subway, so I trekked 13 miles (round trip) on a bike. But feeling crappy is not a death march, so I’m taking it easy. the vaccine hasn’t made me sick.

This, however, made me sick. Apparently the COVID19 deniers/anti vaxxers decided they weren’t being crazy enough. So small groups of demonstrators in red states dressed like this:

This is apparently a popular t-shirt with the Trumpists out in the midwest. These are people who are fearful of being forced to get inoculated. On behalf of every healthcare professional, I’d like to explain that most of them have employment that demands inoculations by people in contact with patients. So you get the flu vaccine and the TB test and booster (just in case), and COVID19 is one more item on their to do list. Please, come wear this shirt in NYC. It’s a mockery of the dead that leaves me gobsmacked. I’d say ‘what is wrong with people?’ but nothing surprises me anymore.

Anyway, I’m immune to current coronavirus in ten days and counting. Getting tired of this Pandemic lifestyle.

Take your medicine.

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