Why we can’t stop using fossil fuels

Memo to Joe Biden

Nice guy. but….

‘Muricans showing their disdain for the climate by ‘running coal’. As Paula Poundstone put it, that’s not tempting fate, that’s giving fate a lapdance.

(Biden pic stolen from ecosystems. com)

I’m getting mighty tired of all the climate activists talking about ‘solving’ Global warming by cutting our use of fossil fuels (in the present). We need to accept the idea that global warming crisis is caused in large part by the estimated two trillion tons of extra CO2 we’ve added to the atmosphere since 1750 and the start of the Industrial Revolution. That CO2 is driving greenhouse effect that will continue to drive up global average temperature for another thousand years at minimum. Nobody—NOBODY—knows how to sequester that CO2. Even if we stopped all fossil fuel burning right now, we’d still face extinction level heating.

Second, we can’t stop burning fossil fuels even if we want to. The burning of fossil fuels puts lots of particulate into the upper atmosphere, and that has a cooling effect (which is why Bill Gates was talking about ‘dimming’). Scientists call this ‘global dimming’ or aerosol masking, and we already know that if we stopped burning fossil fuels (and thus stopped putting particulate in the atmosphere), global average temeratures would go up by as much as 2 C over current highs. That would be sufficient to guarantee mass extinction.

We know that Aerosol masking effect lowers earth temperatures because we tested it in 2001 when we shut down all airline travel for a few days after 9/11. Global average temperatures went up, and would’ve continued had we ceased air travel. It’s been written about for decades and was recently nicknamed the MCPHERSON PARADOX. There’s an article about it here with links. The McPherson Paradox (updated) The good Doctor Guy McPherson had even explained this predicament recently during the Pandemic. We were looking at a loss of upwards of 30% of fossil fuel use, which was more than enough to trigger a global dimming disaster that would drive up global average temperatures by at least 1.2 C in a short time. Dimming became an issue during COVID19, when fossil fuel use fell and we suddenly faced the prospect of loss of global dimming sufficient to push temperatures higher in extinction level heating.

And that’s why President Biden’s Just-announced plan to cut emissions 52% by 2030 is a non-starter. Forget the idea that ‘Muricans will gladly sacrifice to save the planet. The Democrats’ election platform on such action was a non-starter in 2016, and it didn’t even get mentioned in 2020. Remember how Clinton denied the idea of disciplining the fossil fuel companies?

a ration card from WWII. Imagine ‘Muricans accepting this as a permanent part of life.https

And Biden was pledging to reduce CO2 52% by 2030. I did some poking around on Google, and US Auto emissions ALONE are 29% of total CO2 we ‘Muricans’ add to the atmosphere. So we’d need to get rid of ALL gas-powered Vehicles PLUS E-vehicles (because E vehicles require E-lectricity and thus will add to total CO2 depending on how said power is created). And we’d need to do away with something else as well. Flights to vaycays? Airconditioning? Does Biden think we’ll have enough alt-energy breakthroughs in nine years to do away with 52% of fossil fuels? And if we do away with them, what’s to stop warming from Aerosol Masking effect? Also, ending use of fossil fuels that generate CO2 doesn’t fix the legacy CO2 already in the atmosphere. Surely the people advising Biden understand the problem. Why are they not addressing it?

If we’re serious about Global warming, we need to drop a few trillion in research on how to sequester all the CO2 already in the atmosphere. The fact that nobody knows how to do it yet means we can’t waste another second.

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