Is Trump a ‘doomer’?

If you read more than a few of the 700+ articles posted here, you know I am a follower of the work of Dr. Guy McPherson, a scientist who has argued that we humans have scant time left on the planet (actually, not just humans, but put that aside for the moment). McPherson has been vilified (even more than usual) in recent days by Michael Mann, who has called Guy a ‘Doomist cult hero’ for his projections of human extinction (McPherson joked that he’s actually a ‘doomist cult SUPERHERO’).

But in reality, everyone’s been ignoring the fact that Trump’s policies exposed a secret about him (or the people he surrounded himself with). He had a rudimentary understanding of global warming and in fact his staff made the case that it was TOO LATE to prevent mass extinction. It was contained in this draft report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

It’s 500 pages long, but buried in the verbiage–which is justifying rescinding all of the Obama era emissions and fuel efficiency guidelines for automobiles manufactured or sold in the US–is a nugget of reality about climate. And it wasn’t recognized by MSM when it came out until the Washington Post caught on. Their article is here:

And the detail is horrifying:

A rise of seven degrees Fahrenheit, or about four degrees Celsius, compared with preindustrial levels would be catastrophic, according to scientists. Many coral reefs would dissolve in increasingly acidic oceans. Parts of Manhattan and Miami would be underwater without costly coastal defenses. Extreme heat waves would routinely smother large parts of the globe.

But the administration did not offer this dire forecast, premised on the idea that the world will fail to cut its greenhouse gas emissions, as part of an argument to combat climate change. Just the opposite: The analysis assumes the planet’s fate is already sealed.

This is not the only time such dire predictions were made by Trump’s associates. They also weighed in on the Earth Guardians case, with the same argument. I wrote about it here:

The money quote: EUGENE, Ore. (CN) – Two dozen kids may have a valid claim that climate change endangers their future, the government admitted Wednesday, but U.S. attorneys told a federal judge their lawsuit can’t proceed because it’s too late for the United States to stop catastrophic climate disruption.

Interesting conundrum, no? would’ve been a great debate between Biden and Trump 2020. But then there’s Dr. Michael Mann, who’s now running about accusing people like Guy McPherson of being corporate sponsored doomers:

It is in this environment of defeat and despair that we’ve witnessed a dramatic rise in the prominence of climate doomism—commentary that portrays climate change not just as a threat that requires an urgent response but also as an essentially lost cause, a hopeless fight. Some of the more egregious examples can be found among fringe characters such as ecologist Guy McPherson—a doomist cult hero who insists that exponential climate change likely will render human beings and all other species extinct within 10 years.

As anyone who’s followed this will already know, Mann has refused to debate McPherson, choosing to vilify him from afar instead.

So there we are. Here’s a question–would Mann prefer to take on Trump’s assertions instead? The fatalism of the Trump administration should be addressed by someone, if in fact we’re NOT going to face the projected temperatures by 2100. Because (being a snot-nose), does that mean we have til 31 December 2099 to live? Does extinction kick in a few days earlier? Why didn’t Mann call out Trump’s ‘doomerism’?

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