Performing onstage and other detours (a WordPress article)

I’m asked to give a ‘citation’.for WordPress. OK. My first such play (A CLOWN, A HAMMER, A BOMB AND GOD opened in 1997 at the first NY Fringe Festival and has been performed and toured in the US and Europe, with early performances courtesy of Ben Roberts. This picture was taken in Rotterdam in 1999l

My play for Occupy Wall Street, HOW TO STOP THE EMPIRE WHILE KEEPING YOUR DAY JOB, was performed numerous times in the US and was part of a DC event in 2016. Here’s a pic of that event where I performed in front of the Washington Monument.

So… here’s a list of plays I’ve done that are solo endeavors for me. I can perform most of them with a bit of notice.

  • A Clown, a Hammer, a Bomb and God(a play based on Fr, Carl Kabat, an activist priest who disarmed a Minuteman Missile on Good Friday 1994
  • ON THE GRID: a play about the way the World Bank exploits the developing countries of Africa and Asia
  • The Hubbert Slope: a retired geologist tells us about working in the oil industry and why he’s found refuge in Ireland while he waits for oil supply to do dry.
  • Goodnight LBJ: co written with Rick Randig, a Viet vet who organized in-country protests against the war while stationed at Camranh Bay. A true story of the war.
  • How to stop the Empire while Keeping a Day Job: a story about Occupy Wall Street and how to start a revolution.
  • The Story of Falling Don an autobiographical look at what happened on 9/11.
  • Twenty Blocks from the Rock Pile–the true story of a young man whose first memory was as a preschooler in Dallas the day Kennedy was shot–and who found himself as an Adult living in Manhattan only a few blocks from the collapsing World Trade Center. Co written with Ben Roberts, actor and 9/11 activist,

I wrote a play for an actress who toured it in NY and NJ A GOOD DAY TO PIE. The true story of a food activist who staged a ‘pie attack’ on a Monsanto executive to protest GMO food. Produced with Rebecca Pridmore, featuring Kathleen Nadel.

this is a short list of my work. If you want to look at a more comprehensive list, you can look up all my one-person shows here:

And if you are interested in having me out to do your locale, contact info is on the page. If you look at all this and you want to PERFORM one of my pieces, contact. If you look at all this and want me to WRITE something for you, contact me. I can do radio/podcast events with relative ease.

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