Adventures with COVID 19

from over a year ago, when Trump was still in charge and ‘murica’ just crossed the threshold of six figures dead thanks to COVID

It was a bad dream. I was trying to go to sleep and couldn’t. I was hit with heavy night sweats, a bit of coughing and overall feelings of being ill. I woke up Sunday feeling pretty lousy and didn’t feel better. If Ive gotten the timeline wrong, sorry. I felt a bit nauseated as well.

So… I felt/feel like crap, and I broke down and set up the home test kit Wifey was nice enough to gather up at the local Walgreens.It was pretty simple setting up, and boy, you don’t know what fun is to stick a q tip device up your nostrils and get them nice and wet. And within a reasonable amount of time, the test has given me handy blue lines which indicate–I’M INFECTED. a call to the City’s handy 311 number sets me up for a five day prescription of Paxlovid. There was an uptick in my health once I started taking the Paxlovid. But sleeping was a problem.

So this is Day 6 and I’ve taken all my meds. I still feel kinda crappy.And I’m still infectious, so the acting gig I was hoping for might not work. I’m told that I’m lucky insofar as I’ve had the full range of vaxes and a booster. I get really tired easily and I hope that goes away. If the disease has mutated to the point where the vax doesn’t prevent the disease or keep it less lethal, I’m concerned. I was able to keep my bike rides for three of the days in question, and that didn’t make things worse. Crossing my fingers.

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