On the stories of 9/11 still unanswered

My appearance at the Orlando Fringe in TWENTY BLOCKS NORTH OF THE ROCKPILE

I wrote two plays about 9/11. One is ready to go, gives scant info about my conspiratorial suspicions, and was performed in NYC in March 2022 (with an early version performed at the Theater for the New City several years ago). The other was performed in the Orlando Fringe, was about conspiracies, bombed and I’ve never had the guts to do it again.

Why do I want to tackle the one that failed?

Here’s the thing. I know more about the conspiracies now, and more people have come forward with their stories (more later). And there’s a more accepting attitude about alternate ideas (I’ll get into that shortly).

This is the play thats popular. It was done as part of the FRIGID FEST last year. Titled THE STORY OF FALLING DON, it was first done in a reading in 2004. Here’s my pic from back then.

this is what I looked like 17 years ago, with a rendition of my then-office behind me. that’s pretty much the way I could look out my window on 9/11

My monologue wasn’t bad, but I’d wanted to write about the conspiracy theories. There were many many questions I had. I was eight hundred feet from the South Tower when it went down. I was in this office on a TEMP assignment, and in thinking about it after I got home, I realized it was dumb luck I was alive. And my friend Ben wanted to look into those (His life was also tied up in conspiracies, which I explained in a second play titled TWENTY BLOCKS NORTH OF THE ROCK PILE. The title referred to him living not far from the WTC, and it used the ‘real’ name of Ground Zero. The people who worked down there as volunteers called it THE ROCK PILE. We went through some changes as we worked, but I felt it was a perfect show to bring to the Orlando Fringe.

I was wrong. It was the heyday of the conspiracy theorists of ALEX JONES. He had started tarring every incident in ‘murica with the FALSE FLAG accusation as if a tree couldn’t fall in the forest but for a DEEP STATE conspiracy. It was the heyday of his publicity, when he peopled his ideas with ‘FAKE NEWS and CRISIS ACTOR memes. And unfortunately, I was doing my play not long after the Pulse nightclub mass shooting, and the SANDY mass murder of children. the people of Orlando weren’t a receptive bunch and I’ve never had that level of hatred for my work.

And oddly, the logjam of information about 9/11 was about to break up. A few weeks before I opened in Orlando, the Feds released a bunch of previously embargoed pictures and arrest info that was in line with my presentation. I thought it would help box office.

So this was my poster, fat lotta good it did me. I went home broke.

twenty blocks north of the rock pile

Why am I rewriting TWENTY BLOCKS?

First, I realize that the chatter from ALEX JONES doomed my presentation especially in Orlando after Pulse. I’ve got to steer clear of what the tropes of Infowars were. PBS did me the favor of laying out the conspiracy theories of Infowars in an hour long special

Second, some 20 years after it would’ve been useful, the 9/11 Commission releases transcripts of W’s interview. Lots of interesting details that W was still lying about in 2003. Masterfully narrated by Keith Olberman. If you find Olbermann’s voice irritating, you can just read the article put in Business insider.

And if you still have questions, you can always look at a new docu coming out of Netflix on the crimes of Bernie Madoff. No connection per se, but Bernie got very lucky on 9/11. As a result of 9/11, Bush pulled SEC staff off white collar crime in the hope that they could catch up with Al Caeda’s financial dealings. That’s real helpful if you’re running the biggest Ponzi scheme in history.

One other piece–a muckraking reporter named Michael C Ruppert was the first (and AFAIK Only) reporter to run a scorecard of 9/11, including unreported liaisons between US intelligence and contacts in Afghanistan. Lots of contacts never followed out. I ran a retrospective on Ruppert’s allegations. Worth your time.

If you want to see the plays, there’s a contact box below. FALLING DON is finished and ready to go. We’re still working with TWENTY BLOCKS. I’ll probably still be working with it when it’s time to put me in the box.

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  1. from a poster on Quora social media. A question about why we haven’t seen more art on 9/11: “The real reason People avoid this subject, is the chance that all of it is true, and some part of them doesn’t want to acknowledge that they feel how blatantly we’ve been lied to, and once they have verified this actually happened…they will be forced to take down the entire foundation of what their national identities are built upon…and accept we are not the good guys, and have slaughtered hundreds of thousands of human beings for the profits the war machine creates…”

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