Twenty Blocks proves prescient

20 blocks posterI’m at the Orlando Fringe Festival performing my play TWENTY BLOCKS NORTH OF THE ROCK PILE. Three more performances before I head outa here. It’s a play about 9/11 and what came afterwards, and it’s based on the stories of my time and the time of my friend Ben. Ben came to some conclusions about the country he lived in afterwards, and now resides somewhere else.

I mention this because the play tries not to feed specific conspiracy theories or evidence. I can’t solve the mysteries of 911 in a 45 minute play. During the play I say “here are my credentials: I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING. What I can and do say is a question. If you know the government routinely lies to you about shit that can get people killed, at what point do you pick up your marbles and go play somewhere else?

And as I’m doing the funny little play called TWENTY BLOCKS NORTH OF THE ROCK PILE. this comes out. It’s been corroborated, though I like Mint Press (which takes an anti US Middle East policy perspective too often for some people). So the story they published is interesting (It’s here🙂 The FBI released photographic evidence about the famous ‘dancing Israelis’ story about a van full of men caught dancing and filming the Trade Center incident from a rooftop in New Jersey. This was as a result of a FOIA request finally honored. The names of the five men are also revealed and two turn out to be Mossad agents.

The FOIA release of the photos is notable because responses to prior FOIA requests to the Department of Justice, which oversees the FBI, had previously claimed that all of the photos taken by the Israeli nationals had been destroyed in January 2014. The photos themselves are heavily redacted, making it impossible to see the Israelis’ facial expressions. However, previously declassified yet heavily redacted FBI reports state that the Israelis are “visibly happy” in nearly every photo, even when the burning towers are in the background. The photos released are also not original copies and instead appear to be photocopies of photocopies of the original pictures. In addition, of the original 76 pictures developed by authorities from the camera in the Israelis’ possession, only 14 were released.

An interesting development, no?

The Southern District of the State of NY has moved to re-examine the evidence from the 9/11 attack

In the meantime, if you’re in Orlando, come see my Show!


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