The MEER project–last chance for human survival?

I haven’t written much about MEER, but it’s the only global warming mitigation strategy that has any chance of heading off a Sixth Mass Extinction due to global warming. Pioneered by Dr. Ye Tao, Meer is a strategy of using reflective metal panels to prevent solar radiation from hitting the earth and heating the planet. You could make a case that MEER replaces the millions of tons of sea ice once contributing to albedo effect.

From their website:

MEER designs and develops surface-based mirror arrays and solar reflectors and welcomes partners who will help to deploy them swiftly, in economically feasible and environmentally sensitive ways, on a local level for heat adaptation, and eventually on a global level, to steer Earth away from a lethal heating trajectory. We are currently involved in a research and testing phase as we explore the effectiveness of our primary tools before the publication of peer-reviewed research, while simultaneously carrying out small-scale pilot projects in heat adaptation and mitigation in urban and agricultural settings.

“Temperature rise: this is the biggest and gravest concern that we face.”

You can read more about them on their website

Dr. Ye Tao was interviewed by Guy McPherson a couple years ago. He explains his process here.

read, donate, cross your fingers. Tell others!!

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