WOW! Kathleen does A GOOD DAY 2 PIE this Sunday!!! FREE!! RSVP

Final notice–we do this TODAY! Come See us because you won’t be able to for months after this!

The Brooklyn Culture Jam

Why: Because Kathleen Stansell is leaving the country for a while
Who: YOU! Dear friends and fans of Dan Kinch and Kathleen
Where: Brooklyn Arts Exchange, 421 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, Studio D
When: Sunday July 14th, Promptly at 5:30pm, Doors Open at 5pm
A note from Kathleen
Hello friends! I’m very excited to be inviting all my favorite New York people to be in the same room together. If you haven’t heard yet, I will be taking a year off from teaching in Brooklyn to travel to India for 6 months. But before I go, I’d like to share with you a snippit of the play I’ve been working on with my friend and playwright, Dan Kinch. Please come celebrate with me my love of performing and help send me off on my adventure with a round of applause and a giant hug!
A note from Dan
Greetings! If you haven’t…

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