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We close out of Vancouver Fringe

And as of September 19, we closed out of our digital run on the Vancouver Fringe Festival. I’d be less than honest if I stated that I was happy with things. I didn’t get much of an audience. I certainly tried harder than I have in previous Fringe fest Outings. Ads for my play ran […]

Being A Doomer–great article

Came across this article about being a Doomer. People have been deriding scientists (and their followers) who saw worst-case as ‘Doomers’ for well over a decade. But Dr. Eliot Jacobson sees it a bit differently. In his blog, he shares it this way: Let’s start with the obvious.  The word “doomer” is a word with […]


My play about climate change and the threat of human extinction PLANET PHUCKETT!! is opening at the Vancouver Fringe tomorrow, September 9. The festival runs throughout the week until the 15th, and because my play is ON VIDEO, it can be viewed whenever you want. Just go to the Fringe Ticket Center, and choose my […]

Planet Phuckett!! at the Vancouver Fringe!

This all came out of nowhere. Two months ago I was minding my own business when a theater company I work with announced that the Vancouver Fringe was looking for fringe-y plays on video. My suspicion is that, while they’d filled all the openings for live events, they were nervous about COVID closing the border […]

My crime story

So I now have a crime story. I’m pretty miffed about it. My DW and I have eliminated all our credit cards. Took a lot of time and sacrifice, but the only cards we have are debit cards(2) and an AMEX, and we pay the balance of that every month. When we order stuff over […]


In the nine years I’ve been doing this blog, I’ve quoted from Sam Carana of Arctic Methane Emergency Group a number of times. He’s been a source for climate information that can’t be found in mainstream media. I’m bringing his reporting to your attention because the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has released its Sixth […]

PLANET PHUCKETT!! Coming to an internet device near you!

My Play PLANET PHUCKETT!! is coming to an internet enabled device near you. Date will be August 18, roughly two weeks from today as part of The Marsh Solo Arts Heal Climate program. A half hour of performance followed by a question answer on art, life, extinction and performance. Dr. Guy McPherson will also be […]

The accelerating warming

I’m taking you to an early picture of Guy McPherson because the lecture he did seven years ago. I even did my first blog on the work of Guy McPherson as a result of this lecture. It linkS to a Youtube video of his lecture: One of the factoids that stuck with me was early […]

My plays and stuff

A producer suggested that I needed to make it easier to find my theater writing. Fair enough. I’ve attempted to market my work for the better part of 30 years, with mixed success. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m a talented playwright and screenwriter. So here’s a list of the plays I’ve written […]

Thank you AGAIN Donald Trump

Roughly six years ago, I wrote a funny little article about Donald Trump, then just a presidential aspirant and rider of escalators. My suspicion was that Trump’s racist and fascist ways would be revelatory not for Trump, but for the rest of the GOP. I didn’t know at the time (apparently, neither did the Daily […]