Kensington Studios Now Open!

Folks who know about my own radio work, be warned–we have a studio we can access for all sorts of radio projects.


Great news is coming down the pike!  Kensington Studios is officially open with our first two mini-productions having taken place over the past week.  Mike Amato

The dubious distinction of having been our very first work goes to Mike Amato! He needed a recording for the intro to his burlesque show (which by the way came off splendidly!) and we were happy to oblige.

Additionally we produced a segment of Sex and Politics After Hours, with  Howard BloomHoward Bloom who I interviewed about a petition he wrote supporting Bradley Manning of Wikileaks infamy, and another petition Howard personally supports but didn’t write, concerning Edward Snowden.  Thanks for coming by Howard, it was a pleasure talking to you again.  What an incredibly luminescent spirit this gentleman possesses!

July 6th is of course the kick off for several pilots KStudios is producing, including the following:

The Tim Parlatore Show with, Tim Parlatore of…

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