Sex and politics–featuring Sue Crabtree!

from the Freeanons website.

from the Freeanons website.

So I had a great show the other night on Sex and Politics–if you didn’t catch it, it’s on our podbean website. The show started out with a report from Louis Fishman, on the ground in Turkey. My colleague Joe Wade spoke to Poet Lamont Steptoe, and musician Dan Gallo. Later in the hour, I spoke to Sue Ogletree about her support of Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond (he has pleaded guilty in an important Hacktivist case involving the private intelligence firm Stratfor) and the Free Anons website, and we spoke to a member of the Anonymous cell regarding hacks of government websites and the Edward Snowden case.  You really need to check us out. This coming week, I will be talking to the Spectra Pipeline protesters. Give us a listen (if you want to skip to my interview, start at 1:07–though the things that come before me are great).

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