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FIGMENT EVENT TOMORROW! (unless it rains like crazy)

Wow. So I was kinda/sorta invited to crash the Figment event tomorrow at Governor’s Island in New York. I’m doing a long version of my one-man show HOW TO STOP THE EMPIRE WHILE KEEPING YOUR DAY JOB. If you’ve seen me on YouTube, this will have new detail on another activity that will bring the […]

DOJ grabs phone records, Obama supporters act shocked

So now it turns out that the US issued a Top Secret Court Order  and seized virtually every Verizon customers’ phone records over a three month period (which may mean they renew the order every three months). There was plenty of lefty and liberal outrage back in the George W Bush administration  when warrantless wiretapping was […]

Thanking Bradley Manning

An interesting post from Kathy Kelly, part of Afghan Peace Volunteers, a group that lives among the people of Kabul and sees their daily lives under the occupation. Their perception of Bradley Manning is rather different than ours.

Occupy Turns out at Zuccotti on Saturday

I got some great pictures at the protest last Saturday for Occupy Wall Street. There were several thousand people at Zuccotti /Liberty Plaza for the festivities (the media, even the left friendly media, stated ‘hundreds’. Off by a zero). While many were Turkish, many were old veterans of the Occupy Movement. People’s Puppets was on […]


Originally posted on #Op Manning:
Greeting citizens of the world. We are Anonymous.   It has come to our attention that the hero, Bradley Manning, has become the subject of a great controversy. This may not come as a surprise, his actions have been marked by controversy since he took a courageous leap of faith…

Daniel Ellsberg on Bradley Manning

Daniel Ellsberg (the man who blew the whistle on the multi-decade lie that was the War in Vietnam) speaks on behalf of Bradley Manning.

Re-birthing a play: Goodnight LBJ

In case you’ve been wondering,  I’ve been reworking an old play with my longtime friend and Viet veteran Richard Randig entitled GOODNIGHT LBJ. It’s a monologue/autobiography/rant in support of those who’ve been sent off to serve in lost causes. Will be posting about it on my blog in the next few weeks. The play is […]