POSTPONED->Julian Assange will make a speech this Saturday from the Ecuadorian Embassy – c’mon over!

Julian Assange speech marking the one-year anniversary of his sanctuary in the Ecuadoran Embassy–postponed due to security concerns for Assange.

WISE Up Action - A Solidarity Network for Manning and Assange

You can now find the text of the postponed speech here.


Although the speech was postponed, there was still solidarity!

Ciaron read the speech to the assembled company and there was music and song. Here are photos from London Friends of WikiLeaks – follow on twitter @LonFoWL.  And more here from another supporter.

JULIAN Ecuador Embassy crowd 22nd June 2013JULIAN Ecuador Embassy 22nd June ladiesJULIAN Ecuador Embassy 22nd June free assange

This ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY was marked THIS SUNDAY 16TH JUNE by a gathering to greet the Ecuadorian Foreign Minister, Ricardo Patino, when he arrived at the Embassy, preparatory to his meeting with Wm Hague on MONDAY 17TH JUNE. (UPDATE: result of this was agreement to set up ‘working group’ to try to progress situation)

NEWS REPORTS back from Sun 16th June: Metro   Belfast Telegraph  Dawn via AFP  Report here from Sea Shepherd and WikiLeaks Party National Council member, Omar Todd Many pics (incl videos) here from Bradley Libero. Arbolioto blogspot with pics  …

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